Mobile and Web-based App for dentists
and dental technicians
The easiest way to manage and track
your dental laboratory cases
The future collaboration
The future collaboration mobile APP between Dentists and Dental Technicians that allows communication in real time!
Digital Case Specifications that can be immediately shared with the technician.
Miiosmile simplifies the workflow between the Dentists and Dental Technicians providing essential features such as: one-to-one collaboration, easy networking tools (based on location), integrated photo protocol, personal assistant (tasks & events), in app chat, advanced dental job tracking, patient case history and so much more.
Web-based app for dental technicians and laboratories
with case management and production tracking.
Login to miiosmile+ to customize your dental laboratory.
Create production stages, add employees, associate technicians for each production stage, production cases tracking.
Create custom lab services and allow dentists to send prescribed restorations according to the services your lab provides
app web
App/WEB platform
Unified communication App/ web platform for dentists and technicians reducing cluttering.
app web
Advanced dental design case with multiple restoration features.
app web
Based on the color code the dentist knows the progress of each dental restoration. Using the notification system, the technician can send the production status of the case to the dentist
app web
Easy to access patient’s history case details.
app web
Easy to add photos to patient lab sheet/rx, allowing technicians to follow accurate facial anatomical treats.
app web
Your data is encrypted and secured according to GDPR and HIPAA regulations
app web
In-app messaging provides two-way communication between dentist and technician. In relation to each dental case, there is a messenger channel. Text or images can be sent.
app web
Print the lab sheet with all the job specifications directly from your mobile device.
app web
Discover and connect instantly with doctors or/and technicians
Prices and plans
The Standard Subscription price is only 14.99 eur (the price may vary by country) The subscription plans is available in the app. You can chose a subscription for ONE month, THREE months or a year with THE first 2 weeks free trial. For Enterprise Subscription (Specialized features & reporting for larger labs) please contact us

miiosmile app is hosted by Google Cloud

For customers who are subject to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (known as HIPAA, as amended, including by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health — HITECH — Act), Google Cloud Platform supports HIPAA compliance.

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